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Extending Wear Life

Finding a solution to wear problems is what we do best. Often our clients come to us with a specific wear problem, which essentially means that their liners they are using on their jaw’s and cones are not performing as expected. Foothills manufacture longer lasting wear parts specific to the crusher being used.

One of the first steps to take place is establishing what the issue actually is.  This is done by looking at the feed and discharge settings, digitally profiling worn liners, and looking for any unusual wear patterns.  Our evaluation and understanding process is where we differ from most other wear part suppliers, purely because we can tailor our wear parts to a particular crushing environment, as opposed to just selling more of the same wear parts.

Worn Liner Digital ProfileWe then design from a position of knowledge, where there is wear, we engineer new parts that combat the stress in these particular areas, which ultimately means that the new part will last longer for that particular application. This may include adding steel to the areas that wear more, changing the shape to spread the wear area, or increasing the thickness of the wear parts.

When the designs are completed, we manufacture the new parts and run trials in conjunction with our customers.  We assess the new liners in-situ with a goal of achieving longer wear life and more efficient crushing.

Once a suitable solution has been developed Foothills are then able to consistently cast these parts specifically for the customers change-out cycles and keep stock in Australia ready for prompt delivery when required. This is an efficient and cost effective way to manage your downtime and be prepared for any potential unforeseen crusher breakdowns.

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Komatsu BR380 HD Jaw Profile