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Electric Rope Shovel Racking

Foothills Steel Foundry manufactures the Electric Rope Shovel Crowd Racking for rope shovel dipper handles.

At Foothills, we have been busy re-developing our alloys and manufacturing processes to bring you a range of manganese or alloy steel electric rope shovel crowd racking that exceeds OEM production specifications.

Is your racking cracking?

Are you experiencing premature, irregular or inconsistent wear on your racking? Are teeth breaking out or do you have cracked sections on your welded joints? Then help is at hand.

Ask us for a comparison quote on your next gear racking order and see if Foothills can increase your wear time and reduce your expenses.

To chat to us about your Electric Rope Shovel Crowd Racking needs please contact us for a quote

Our Services

Not only are the alloys unique but the heat treatment process is different too – we use a proprietary quench in both manganese and alloy racking which increases the hardness/toughness of the end product. Add in the capability to machine tooth flanks on the alloy rack, and it gives you a refined product with precise pitch control. Precise pitch and timing result in better pinion engagement, less backlash, and greater wear life.


  • Our racking is currently offered in Alloy Steel or Manganese
  • The common sizes of shovel our gear rack fits are 2100, 2300, 2800, 4100 XPA or XPB
  • Fully customizable number of teeth, including from 50 – 60 depending on pitch or shovel requirements
  • All racking either meets or exceeds OEM specifications for dimensional accuracy and performance
  • Added efficiency means you experience less downtime
  • Comprehensive QC documents for each section, from casting and machining to assembly, all individually marked and recorded
  • Guarantee of 8000 hours, with a pro rata warranty in the case of any premature failure

Gear Racking

Gear Racking Segments

Rack Assembly

ABSA certified welding facility capable of handling weld jobs up to 10 ton in size

Dipper Handle Repair

Dipper handle repairs up to 4100 XPA/XPB/XPC