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Our evolution from simple, small castings and forgings into global large scale high performance castings and fabrications

Over our 74 year history we have evolved from a small ironworks factory into a multi faceted, quality managed foundry who supplies to the entire globe. We have customers in Australia, Europe, USA, Canada, Africa and New Zealand. It’s not bad for a small family foundry that started on the shores of the Bow River in 1913.

The secret to our success lies solely with our people. Without the experience of our incredibly talented team we would not be where we are today. Over the years we have had some visionary leaders at the helm, today we embrace this quality and strive to meet and surpass their expectations. 

These days we don’t just manufacture small castings and forgings. We get involved in large scale plant & equipment parts, we engineer solutions for problems thought unsolvable. Because we have such a broad knowledge and deep experience, we are asked to find answers to problems that seem to stop the industry in its tracks. As engineers and thinkers from a foundry perspective and because we understand the mining, crushing and quarrying industry so intrinsically we are constantly consulting to the major players to help them find workarounds. 

Our evolution as thought leaders from an industrial perspective is something we are very proud of. It forms part of our quality management process and it is why our customer service is deemed “unsurpassable”. 

If you have a curly problem that you cannot work out – talk to us, chances are we’ve got the capacity and capability to solve it for you.