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Chrome Carbide Plates

Extend the life of your wear plates and reduce downtime with Foothills Bi Metallic plates.

Extend the life of your equipment with a Foothills Chrome Carbide Plate

Mild steel plate with a high chromium carbide weld overlay resulting in up to 10 x wear life.

Typical applications of CCO Wear Plates include wear protection for abrasive surfaces such as:

  • Dump truck linings
  • Chute Linings
  • Dump & Crusher Hoppers
  • Crusher Chutes/Bars
  • Feeders
  • Loaders
  • Dozer blade shovels
  • Transport bins
  • Dragline buckets & Shovels
  • Excavator liners
  • Wear Aprons/Pads
  • Dump Hoppers & Crusher Hoppers
  • Surge Bin & Bucket & Trough Liners
  • Rock Box & Hopper Edges/Liners
  • Rolling Mill Guides
  • Jaw Crusher Check Plates
  • Skid Plates
  • Skip & Loader & Truck Bed Liners
  • Lip & Adaptor Protectors
  • Screen Plates
  • Coal Transfer & Tripper Chutes

Manufactured with a Mild Steel plate base, FSF CCO is weldable, formable and machineable.

The Chromium Carbide weld overlay on the wear side increases the hardness and abrasion resistance which means that your wear plates last longer, reducing your ongoing maintenance schedule and costs as a result.

Our plates come in a variety of thicknesses to suit your application and can be customized upon request. We can control the thickness of the layer to reach the overall performance requirements, no matter what you are trying to achieve.


  • Cr:24-32% (chromium carbide)
  • 55-62HRC
  • 3mm deflection over the length of the plate making it very flat
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Mild steel plate with chromium carbide weld overlay applied
  • Tested to ASTM G65-16 Method A


Wear Plate Thickness
Size Basis Plate Overlay Total
(mm) Thickness (mm) Thickness (mm) Thickness (mm)
2100 x 3500 3 3 6
2100 x 3500 4 4 8
2100 x 3500 5 5 10
2100 x 3500 6 4 10
2100 x 3500 6 5 11
2100 x 3500 6 6 12
2100 x 3500 8 4 12
2100 x 3500 8 6 14
2100 x 3500 8 8 16
2100 x 3500 10 6 16
2100 x 3500 10 8 18
2100 x 3500 10 10 20
2100 x 3500 10 15 25
2100 x 3500 12 17 29
2100 x 3500 30 25 55

Fast Facts

  • Weld deposits are high % chromium carbide making the plate much harder than most other wear part materials
  • CCO matrix make the wear plate harder on the wear side whilst maintain weld ability, work ability on the reverse side
  • Specific overlay vs base material thickness to reach optimum overall performance requirements


  • Reduce downtime on site
  • Longer wear life for you wear parts
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Out lasts other steel wear plates by up to 10 times
  • Easy to install
  • Comes in Standard plate sizes of 2100mm x 3500m
  • Can be cut and formed to any custom size

Technical Info

All CCO plates are made using submerged Arc process.

Chemical Composition of the weld overlay:

    • C:2.0-5.0%;Mn:1.0-3.0%;Cr:24-32%;
      Fe and others: balance.
    • Actual chemistry will vary with overlay thickness.


  •  The hardness is a composite of hard chromium carbides and tough austenitic matrix.
  • The hardness can vary depending on the thickness of the overlay, but typically reaches 650 BHN
  • Will withstand continuous moderate impact.
  • Custom overlays can be formulated to withstand higher impact.

We’ve been getting great results with our Bi Metallic plates

“We launched our CCO plates into Canada around six months ago and the Canadian market has rapidly made the switch from standard plates to Bi metallic plates. The most frequent comment we get is that their equipment simply last longer with our plates installed. Less downtime means more profit and our customers love that.”
Matt Irving – Foothills Canada

Our CCO plates have been manufactured with our automated welding equipment. We use 4 Open Arc Welders and 2 Submerged Arc Welders.
Our capacity is over 30000 m²/ year.
We have two types of CCO Plates on offer:

  1. Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Resistant Plate made by Submerged-arc technology
  2.  Chromium Carbide Overlay Wear Resistant Plate made by Open-arc technology for pipe internals

Want to know more about CCO PLATES?

Download our Bi Metallic Plate Brochure here