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Material Testing (LAB)

We have the capacity to test all of our products and alloys. From Flame Hardening Heat Treatments to Explosion tests – we will ensure your parts up to the job!

We can undertake these types of tests for you.

  • BHN Testing
  • Digital CMM
  • Spectro analysis
  • Subcontract UT, Radiography, Impact, tensile
  • Explosion Testing

As an example of our rigorous testing processes, when we recently worked with a Canadian Railway service we needed to ensure that the RailFrogs we had designed and cast would stand up to the pressure put on them from a train changing tracks. 

In order to test their hardness we sent them off for explosion tests, which means we strap TNT (safely) to the Frogs and see if they crack. They didn’t and so our railway frogs have been the number one choice for Omega Industries for BNSF for the past year or two. 

Testing Services

We offer a full suite of testing services that can be carried out by our internal lab and also contracted out to our larger lab partners here in Alberta.