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Foothills are certified “safe, efficient and effective” as we achieve our ISO9001 Certification and our COR Certification

We define our service by how safe and efficient we are. At Foothills we are always in search of continual improvements, so going through the certification process for ISO 9001 seemed like a logical step. In addition to formalizing industry leading repeatability, we are rewriting how a multi-national sales force can work simultaneously with our clients to provide a level of service and reliability that is at the cutting edge of our market.  

Another part of the process we identified as of utmost importance was our Safety practices and how we could upgrade them. With an industry leading safety record already in place, we have now gone through the Certificate of Registration (COR) for Safety.

Our employees and manufacturing practises are important to us; they are the lifeblood of our operation. With our COR certified facility, along with a newly obtained ISO 9001 certification, we are set to provide industry leading wear parts, manufactured and inspected to the highest international standards when it comes to reliability, repeatability and safety.  

With over 70 years of manufacturing experience FSF has once again raised the bar. Here’s to many more years of Foothills manufacturing the highest quality parts for multiple industries using only the safest and cost efficient practices unsurpassed anywhere in the industry.