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J.R. Crusher and Screen Services

| Terry Fitzgerald |

JR Crusher & Screen Services LogoOwner and Operator of JR Crusher & Screen Services John Rauzan spoke to us about why he continues to choose Foothills Steel Foundry over any other wear part supplier in Australia.

 “It’s the relationship that Terry maintains with me, combined with a fair price and a great product that keeps me coming back”

With over 30 years of experience in the crusher maintenance field, John knows his wear parts. His opinion of the Foothills product is that they are much better than the average wear part on the market.

“They just seem to last a bit longer than the average part that you can get hold of for a comparable cost”

One of the things that John pointed out about Foothills is that they work ‘with’ him to solve on site issues that may not be about actual wear parts.

“Terry will go to great lengths to try and solve a problem on site for us, he has in the past developed custom casting solutions that were nothing to do with being a manganese wear part, but it helped us solve an issue on the job. We’ve tried doing this with other suppliers in the past with no luck, so we stick with Foothills because they come up with the solution, time & time again.”

When asked about how he finds working with the Foothills team, John said, “I like the fact that Terry is very straight forward, he listens and helps us solve problems. Terry has always been happy to deal with me and not go direct to my customers with his product, which to me, is a credit to him.”

Working with large quarries is John Rauzan’s specialty, knowing he will be on site for a only few days at a time, he needs to know that his parts will be delivered on site when he needs them without fail so he can complete his job.

“Foothills have never let me down with a delivery, they know what I need when I need it and work in really well with my clients’ maintenance schedules, it’s a great fit for us”

So to sum it up John Rauzan said “I choose Foothills because they deliver on price, on time, with product that lasts and with an open line of communication”

John Rauzan
Owner and Operator of JR Crusher & Screen Services

A full load of Foothills crusher castings