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Reverse Engineering

Creaform Scanner

The Creaform Scanner is portable, in fact it fits into a small carry case, which means we can come anywhere and within 2 minutes we can be set up ready to start scanning the object in question.

  • Creating Quick workflow integration: delivers usable scan files which can be imported into RE/CAD software without post-processing.
  • Quick set-up: The scanner can up and running in less than 2 minutes.
  • Portable – fits in a carry case, so we can easily come to you
  • Metrology-grade measurements: accuracy of up to 0.040 mm so you can be sure you get exactly what you need

You can either send us your part or we can come out to your site and scan the part onsite.

Did you know that Foothills own their own Creaform Scanner? 

Using the Creaform Scanner we can efficiently create CAD / RE drawings which help us to cast the part to meet your exact requirements.

Fusion Faro Arm

At Foothills we take accuracy seriously. We know that you want parts that fit your specific plant equipment, which is why we can reverse engineer your parts for you to meet the profile of the worn equipment.

We use our Fusion Faro Arm, now this technology has been on the market for about ten years, and we have had our Faro Arm since 2009 so we have extensive experience in using this type of measuring tool.

If you need to reverse engineer a part or would like a part that has been manufactured measured to ensure its accuracy – we can help.

So a few Fast facts about our Faro Arm:

  • The Fusion Arm is an all-in-one portable measurement arm for inspection, CAD-to-part analysis, and reverse engineering
  • It is portable, so we can come to you if the part is attached to the plant
  • It can measure parts up to 2.4m long, with a measurement accuracy of 0.04mm
  • It gives us amazingly accurate 3D drawings for us to make patterns from
  • We use the Faro Arm as part of our QA process