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Delivering High Quality Casting Solutions to Industry for over 70 years.

Industries that we serve

We manufacture customized cast parts for almost any industry. 

Our ability to cast steel alloy parts for almost these markets means that we are versatile and adaptable. Our main focus has been cast wear parts for the crushing industry, but with the globalisation of our company we have garnered an ability to pivot and stretch into other industries such as Rail, Ports and OilSands Mining.

Oilsands Mining

Working in the most abrasive industry on the planet, Alberta oilsands operators have long utilized FSF’s proven track record on high quality, affordable solutions to some of the worlds worst wear conditions.

Hard Rock Mining

Having a global presence in the hard rock mining industry,  FSF has long been the supplier of choice for some of the largest (and smallest) mineral processing sites in the world. 


Aggregate processing is at the heart of what we do. With over 70 years of manufacturing experience in this market space, if we don’t hold inventory on your wear liners we have the professional expertise to reverse engineer almost any requirement.

Port Projects

Our experience working with Major scale ports and manufacturing pipe lines that span miles, is just part of our daily process. We have the ability to design and engineer intricate cast parts for Major scale port projects

Railway Frogs and Turnouts

Working with some of the largest rail corporations in the world, FSF has been machining and assembling railway turnouts for decades. In house machining, explosion hardening and assembly are all central to our custom componentry manufacturing requirements done through our facilities.